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The Amends Project: Mission Statement
With forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, and a higher meaning at our core; The Amends Project, LLC is building a community of people dedicated to opening the minds and hearts of greater society by shedding light on the positive progress incarcerated people are making while seeking redemption.


Our Founders Story:

For many years, I tried to help my brother but did not know how. I did not have any money, education, or understanding what I should say or not say.  What could I do for his life is of value to his family. He is still human and should be treated with humanity.


Let me give you some foundation; he has been serving three life sentences in maximum security prison since the age of 16. Over the years, I have watched him grow and become an amazing person. with more tools for dealing with stress than anyone I know outside prison. Let it be known, I have always felt sorrow for all the victims of senseless crime, please take no offense. I understand there are victims of the crime, I am too. However, I believe in human rights and a respectful freedom of expression with noble goals. I collaborated with my brother and several other incarcerated individuals to gather the amends from inside. I am using this platform to share their words and art that expresses sadness and sorrow. 

It is my belief, we all should be able to hear what the inmates think about and what they are doing. I want to see inside the glass house, but so much is private. I want to know if the inmates are really even sorry? If so, what are they saying and doing to change the behavior? Are they being taught?  How are they changing behavior? Prison overcrowding is a whole other topic, so what are we doing to reform and house people safely when they do serve time. Do they feel anything in there? Are they dehumanized? What is the coping skills they have learned? Are they on holiday in prison? I want to know.

Nothing can take away what or who has been lost, but hopefully we can all learn and grow from each other so we can make a better society. It is my hope to be a source to those persons seeking understanding. This project started as a way for an incarcerated person to say they are sorry and be able to show their growth.  With help from my brother and other inmates, we started collecting a few stories.  I would like the project to seek answers that show the person in the department of corrections and rehabilitation is indeed being rehabilitated. I do try to start the writing by asking some general questions but I allow them to just tell me what they want me to know without naming victims or telling us crude details.


Many participating in the Amends Project have been incarcerated since their youth or are "Lifers". Life Without Parole LWOP, inmates are creating a peaceful environment with conciseness to be a better person every day with them living their amends. Most participants are guilty of horrible crimes, but let's see why. Let's take a look at what they have to say that led them down the dead end road of prison.  Check out what inmates are doing in prison to better themselves. I offer them nothing legally. I hope this offers those protecting our safety a more calm and respectful work environment.

Feel free to respectfully comment or email correspondence if you want to know more or have an inmate you'd like us to include. Requests must be sent in writing. 

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