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We serve those that cannot help themselves.

Anyone interested in participating in making their amends public, or sending us a request for inmate to be in participation, can send their information to us to be considered. On the "Begin Somewhere" tab, there are 'how to' get involved.  Once the person making their amends sends us the release and some publishable work, we will post it to the webpage at our own discretion. All submissions will be reviewed but not all submissions will be posted, it is at our final decision whether this project fits the mission of TheAmendsProject. These incarcerated persons can expect only a letter they have participated once their submission is posted. All documents received will not be returned. 

Due to the participants not having access to internet, we chose to do this the old fashioned way, through the mail. Inmates can send mail, even if destitute.  Not all the participants have phone access nor internet and we are sometimes dealing with people that have been a total outcast (rightly so in most cases) and since they have been incarcerated so long, have no family support. We offer a platform for making amends public for those that have no other place. 

Send all requests to

The Amends Project, LLC via email

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