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Jon Flores AZ1831


So beautiful, so life-changing, so much of God, to give us unworthy sinners His wonderful grace.

From the beginning of time, God‘s grace was being prepared for those who prevail and step away.

Yet, God knew this, and still prepared his beautiful grace.

He knew someday we would need this life-changing gift, so small in word, so big indeed.

This amazing grace, because of it, we receive all that God is and through it our hearts are renewed.

That sweet wonderful amazing grace.

By Jon E Flores

Wy I want to participate in The Amends Project?

I want to participate in this program to show society that by them believing in our change, it’s really working.

Being able to write and share my life and how I turned a negative into a positive is such a beautiful thing. I believe that in doing these types of programs it gives the world a picture of the human element that was taken from us for so long. Because of this program we now have our voice back to share how a person can truly find the courage to deal with those internal issues that kept us trapped in a negative lifestyle. Today we want the world to know that by believing in us to change it really works.

Each and every opportunity I get to make amends I do it, I want to give as much as I can, and I hope that by sharing our lives and how we have truly persevered through circumstances that were created to break us, gives our dignity back. We have learned and have grown, we have matured and this program is a place to show who we are today.

This is why I am participating.