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Executive Board Hearing

Richard’s Parole hearing was denied in March. He was denied after 28 years! He was denied based on the craziest reasons. She said things that were out of the blue, not in the case at all, she said he was guilty of things he did not do. It was like she was reading someone else’s case. She harassed him and was completely unprofessional. The commissioner was belligerently biased. It was grossly unfair.

The entire system has failed throughout Richard’s whole life. She said she was not prepared. So she denied him parole consideration for 5 years. Richard finally had a counselor who stepped up and petitioned the executive parole to review that decision. She wrote a well written request, which was approved. When the Executive Board meets, it is open to the public. This was my chance to finally speak up for my brother. The attorney helped prep me with an outline, but with 3 minutes, I knew I could say more. I wrote things down and had a well written outline. I listened to the supporters for the cases that preceded before Richard’s which were saying what I wanted to say, but was instructed to avoid. I practiced and practiced to stick to a script, but when it came my turn, I held up my picture with my brother. I instantly had a shaken voice and tried to read, tears welling in my eyes. So, I strayed And spoke from the heart. Trying to keep my eyes on the camera, I begged for a new parole hearing or date. Begging, literally is how I closed my statement. Then they adjourned. I did not do what the counsel had instructed. I felt like I blew it. I have never been able to speak for him, attest to his wretched childhood. I finally could witness for his sake. The rest of the day and into the next, I waited for the decision to be made. At noon the next day posted online was approved by majority. Richard is to have a new hearing at the next available opportunity. Tonight I looked and saw he goes in November. Thank you universe. Epiphany: Funny how we improvise sometimes and stray from our expectations, yet are triumphant and successful. Life is a dance. Sometimes you have to stomp and kick, just do it gracefully. I thank my brain for the reasoning and confidence that has come through education. I have confidence a much greater good is coming. My intentions are pure of heart, earnest, and dedicated. There recently was a State Bill that passed to allow resentencing of youth that were involved in a group crime. Richard’s case goes before the court Monday... yes, this coming Monday. We are not done yet.

So, here it is after Monday, and I found out he was denied. I felt that was a loss. The judge denied him for a certain motion, but told the DA's office to investigate why he is still incarcerated in while the other people that were involved have been out for over 15 years. The inequity of the law is just slapping Richard around. Now it is on the record it needs to be moved forward for resentencing, but by a different motion. Why does the law have to be so faulty?

We will be following up with the DA's office to make sure they are opening it up for review. Here it is Wednesday now and I only know the denial is not bad because the judge went on record stating it needs to be done another way. Maybe this is a win? In the meantime, we are looking for the book order to go through for the self help book he needs.

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Stephanie McKee
Stephanie McKee
09 juin 2021

May 24th hearing was a loss, or was it? We have to wait for the defender to reach out to the DA, but we are super hopeful. With the judge saying there was inequity in the sentencing, they are not going to go get the others that were involved, but they may give Richard time served.... can we please just get something that is actually fair? In about a week we will find out if the DA's Office will be earnestly digging into the account.

More to come...


20 mai 2021

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