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Steph's Story

I grew up rough, I grew up to be strong. I did not chose the life, but I lived it. My mother did not care for me too much, so I found a place to sleep at a friends house when I was 7 years old. My little brother was only 2 years old and I could not take him with me. I tried to stay in touch and help when I could, but my mother's life was not safe for a pretty little girl. My brother was left to fight on the streets and joined a gang. I was sent away at age 17, never to return. My brother and mother were homeless and desperate. I tried to help when I was 18, but I was still just a kid. My brother ran away from being homeless and living in a tent with our mom in the hot Arizona desert, and went back to the gangs in the streets of San Diego. He was arrested at age 11, then again at age 13, the final one was age 16 when he was sentenced to 3 life terms on a crime he did not actually do the murder, but was an accessory, What he did not do was report it nor did he stop it. There were more than half a dozen people involved, but Richard is still in prison. . He was a scared kid that participated that night. The reason this is important ix because the guy that did the murder has been ut for 17 years, but Rihard is one of many that was sentenced harder than anyone else in the crime. I was 21 years old when my brother went to prison. There wasn't any internet, and I was so young, trying to make it on my own. I could not help Richard. I am now in my final semester of my undergraduate degree. I am working on my senior project. My brother has a lot of things going on in his case. We thought it would be good to share the tales with you. Richard will share his amends project and find others that want to be heard. We want to give back to the community and share the experiences we have had with an audience that may want to help or learn more. I have come a long way from the streets of San Diego. The fight is real, the struggle is hard, the rewards are worth all the sleepless nights. I want to give back to the world and be part of the greater good in it. Please find my stories and resources to be just a tip of an ocean of icebergs. I am so happy you could join me on my blog. My intention is to help those who cannot help themselves. These inmates are eager to share their apology with us.

**Yes, the inmates are guilty and yes they did wrong, but to live an amends, one must start where they are. The inmates I will be sharing with you, are locked up. I do not offer any legal assistance, only a platform for their Amends to be publicly heard. What do they have to say? What do they want to share? Time is on their hands. What is on their minds? What led them to the crime? Were they abused as youth? What kind of family dynamics did they experience?

Sit back and enjoy the blog as it grows. The inmates are ready to share their side, We are waiting for release forms to be mailed back.

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