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Andrew Malanche BJ7688


You know I often get asked questions from family and friends, how is it in prison, what do you do every day?

I wake up at 5 AM, clean my cell, make my coffee, and read my Bible for an hour.

Then I watch the news for an hour.

Then I turn the TV off and study for my GED for an hour or two.

Then I work out depending on our day room schedule. While in the room I’ll call my family with my 15 minute phone call.

Then participate in self-help groups to better myself. If there are no groups to attend that day, I’ll play a couple card games and interact with a few gentlemen.

I stray from negative or senseless conversation, if it’s not positive or life-changing, I try to stay away from it. I have changed my beliefs, and habits from negative thinking to positive. I try my best to help others in need or want of help. I’ve been through a lot, if I can help the next person avoid going through things I have, or similar situation, I’m all for it. My old characteristics were “do for me“ if it doesn’t benefit me, I wasn’t involving myself. Now I look forward to helping others, and giving back, as much as I can in anyway. I can whether it be through art or simple conversation. I express myself through art or working out, they are both good stress reliever‘s, mostly in my free time I draw. I am always drawing for my family for my kids they love cartoon style things. I love to draw portraits, realism, that is my income. I am in school right now, once I obtain my GED, I would like to attend college. If not for art then maybe to become a counselor and help other people. My flaws in the past have been anger and everything would fall apart after that. Now, I’ve learned to control that behavior with the help of anger management and the wheel to change. My favorite step is STA R stop, think, act, remember.

I do these things daily and I am in bed at 9 PM to do it again tomorrow

Who am I?

My name is Andrew Malanche, I am 30 years old. I was born and raised in Indio California. Growing up in a gang infested environment was tough, not having a father figure or positive role model to look up to and losing my mother at the age of 12 made it even more difficult. Are used to love to skateboard and as far back and it’s as I can remember I’ve always had a passion for art. It helped me express my feelings and emotions in an artistic way. Unfortunately I was doing it the wrong way through illegal graffiti, that soon got me in trouble with the law. For a fresh start I was granted by a judge permission to move to Texas at the age of 17 where I soon found myself working. I went from fast food to the oil field and started a family at the age of 20 I was very passionate about what I did, working hard and providing for my family. I came back to California in 2016 to visit childhood friends and ended up hanging out with the wrong crowd whic